America is Dying

But does not realize it!

Article from the Light Magazine

Just as an internal disease such as cancer or aids attacks the body from within, without the person even realizing it, our country has been slowly dying while life goes on as normal. Many diseases work slowly at first to tear us down, but speed up as the disease continues to spread. This is also true of the evil that continues to spread in our country.

The evil plaguing America today has a number of visible symptoms. It is now legal for a mother to pay a hired assassin to kill her child while it is still even partially in her body. Our children, precious gifts from YHWH, are placed in dumpsters as if they were nothing more than the other trash there. Thousands of others are ground up in disposals and washed down drains each day in what we call “clinics”.

Our tax dollars are spent in part for what would have been called trash a few years ago, but which is now referred to as “art”. Many lives are spent aimlessly wandering from one high to the next, and giving no concern to others including their own children. Obtaining more drugs is all that they have on their minds when they can think at all.

Con schemes and misrepresentation of products and services cause us to be skeptical of everyone we do not know, including most business transactions. Lawyers reading contracts are replacing one’s word and handshake. Even phony pastors shamelessly claim that [the Heavenly Father] told them that you are to send them your money in exchange for blessings from Him.

The darkness of the occult, Satanism and witchcraft appear on television programs, in motion pictures, and lyrics of songs which society spends millions of dollars on and countless of hours listening to. Top ranking, highly paid athletes often seem to be without morals. Judges frequently seem to make decisions that are not based on law or reason. Politicians for the most part seem to forget their promises as soon as the polls close on election day, and are willing to do anything to be re-elected regardless of what it might do to our nation.

Toleration of anything but scriptural truths has replaced the scriptural and moral values of our nation’s founding fathers. The worst part is that most Americans do not realize or care what is happening to our country.

But YHWH’s judgments are sure. They are not based on man’s opinion polls! He has given us His word, which clearly states what will take place to people and nations who do not obey it.

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