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 This is the place for commenting on the command, "Come out of her my people".

Add anything that you feel will help others concerning this extremely important and pressing issue.

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Topic: Flee Babylon
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Jeff Callarman
We all as human beings are living in a time covered with so much darkness, that all most can see is what their false light provides. Therefore absolute truth concerning human destiny according to our creator cannot be seen -- and reason is because oil being truth with polluted water all drink as lies -- just don't mix.
12th February 2017 8:36pm
Jack (Bemidji, US)
Amazing none of my comments are on this page.
12th February 2017 3:05pm
Jack (Bemidji, US)
I apologize, I found them, I have no idea why they didn't show up(:-)
12th February 2017 3:20pm
Jeff Callarman
What all genuine believers truly need to know is that we are no better than Shadrah, Meshach, and Abednego that were willing to die rather than deny Yehovah. Paul suffered, Jeremiah, and all have suffered in different ways; therefore myself being a man of 61 years that has learned to live on faith, I pray for the strength to endure the signs of the times in Matthew 16, 24, Luke 21, and Revelation 6 ---

12th February 2017 5:40am
Jeff Callarman
In this post it was this informative link below I wanted to share rather than what shows being contact me. . . so carefully read, pray, and do whatever homework YHVH leads for these terrible times of trouble coming upon us all.

12th February 2017 6:52pm
Shabbat Shalom,

The following article, concerning the nuclear disaster at Fukushima Japan, underscores the seriousness of the present day world condition!

Fukushima Disaster in 2017
11th February 2017 8:23am
Jeff Callarman
Truth in all most important areas, such as radiation levels detected at Fukushima, facts regarding our creator, our misled civilization, and world reality concerning our human destiny during the worst timesoftrouble ever before on this planet earth are unknown, or totally ignored my most all. So what can any human do about this most serious radioactive problem? Absolutely nothing other than earnest prayer for YHVH to direct our path according to His will. Its good to share what all need to ... Read More
11th February 2017 10:21am
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