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Topic: Flee Babylon
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Hello Nicole,
HalleluYah, you have been shown the name :) Be sure to follow the word of Yahuah, and not man or religion. Concerning the Sabbath, just rest, cause no one to work, and congregate with someone that wants to follow Yahuah's laws. With 5 children to take care of, you need the rest :) Enjoy- HalleluYah!
31st May 2013 8:40am
Nicole Okafor (Arisdorf, Switzerland)
ALL THE GLORY BELONGS TO YAHUWAH:-) Thank you soooo mutch for replay me:-) Is it allowed to do sport? Because sport is a balance for our family. And 3 of my kids play foodball. Thanks for answer:-) Be blessed by YAHUWAH!!!
31st May 2013 9:00am
Irene (Boise, US)
Whether or not to take part in sports was and continues to be an ongoing challenge and commitment. For my daughter who has three sons and a husband who teaches sports at University it became a pivotal point in their walk in obedience. As YHVH instructs us not to do our own pleasure but to set this day aside to rest in His work for us as well as focus on our relationship with Him and one another, we were strongly convicted about our tradition of "Saturday Sports". As we made and continue to make choices that reflect what He is teaching us, we put ourselves at odds with the world system. There is no shortage of misunderstanding and criticism even by Christians who insist that "our freedom in Christ" allows anything and everything to be permissible as long as "we do it with all our hearts for Him".
This is decision that only you and The Elohim you are choosing to follow with His Word and Ruach to guide you can make.

Blessings as you seek to hear and obey Him with all your heart soul and might!
1st June 2013 4:19pm
shmuwal (Moutier, Switzerland)
You may like to read regarding the keeping of the shabbet from the scroll of ChameshHhaPekudim/Numbers 28:9-10. The keeping of the shabbet is gathering the Light from the prior 6 days into a new habitation in which you rest. ShmuwAL
31st March 2016 2:55pm
Who or what is the Beast? Does Revelation 12 relate to current events?

Revelation 17:16-18

16 And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.
17 For YHWH hath put in their hearts to fulfill his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of YHWH shall be fulfilled.
18 And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

Who is the Beast?
30th May 2013 4:09am
chris (New Haven, US)
"Knowledge will increase"- maybe our parallel to the universal language that was used to build the tower of babel is the internet
28th May 2013 2:35am
Izel van Ellewee (Swakopmund, Namibia)
Shalom alecheim! Love this website and the teachings. Thank you so much for being a light in the darkness. May YAHUWAH be praised. I love my Elohim!
26th May 2013 2:15pm

The following is a link to an article by Jerry Golden, a Messianic Jew in Israel...

How About Some Truth?
26th May 2013 7:50am
Terry (Hot Springs, US)
Is there any way that I can order one of these books some how? I can't download it, wish I could though. :/
24th May 2013 1:10am
chukwudozie uche (Lagos, Nigeria)
Grace and love to you all in Yahushua Mashiach's name who showed the father's love even giving himself as a ransom for all.May YAHUWAH'S name be sanctified,Amen. Dear brethren,greetings to you all,i couldn't stay away any longer,hmph,anyway i have a question,and i don't how this will play out but i've got to ask,can someone help me define religion and how it all started.Now wait,don't you all jump in too quickly to answer this,presumpstiousness is one thing YAHUWAH detests,so please do a little 'honest' digging and come up with a good study cause this might be a good help in solving a lot of puzzles. You never know.
18th May 2013 6:04pm
Steve Mallard (US)
Shalom chukwudozie uche,

What is commonly called "religion" would be defined as "a belief in a supernatural power."

It seems that the origin of these beliefs would have to be either "light" or "darkness" or some combination of the two.
22nd May 2013 4:27am
John Jeffrey Emerson (Spring City Tn., US)
Shabbat Shalom Steve, Religion is what Babylon has, we have a Belief. Babylon believes in g-d, we believe in the Elohim of Israel, Yahuah and His Son Yahusha haMashiach.
22nd June 2013 1:53am
Irene (Boise, US)
Religion is an English translation of a Greek concept for a generic term that means ceremonial worship. The "pure religion and undefiled" as described in the Brit HaDashah is the same as unleavened/ unmixed by the traditions and doctrines of men. Therefore, "religion" is not a term that can only be relagated to negative connotations. In the purest sense of the word as it might be translated from Hebrew it can mean Yah's instructions, ordinances, and right rulings in regard to how we relate to Him and eachother.
22nd May 2013 3:16pm
Irene (Boise, US)
In reference to scriptural references to Babylon, it is interesting to watch the construction of the "Freedom Tower" with the installation of its spire which functions as a radio transmitter. The symbology behind every aspect of this tower uncannily represents prideful self determination with intent to communicate unity (without acknowledgement or repentance to Yah's ways).
13th May 2013 1:00pm
chukwudozie uche (Lagos, Nigeria)
Blessed be the name of YAHUWAH ELSHADDAI, and may HE grant us all peace of mind and spirit through Christ Yahushua, Amen. My dear brethren,i pray thee all not to be of this mindset, let's take a brief look at this, why did Revelation speak specifically of Babylon and not some former world power like Egypt or Assyria or even a prerent world as Rome was at the time of its writing. I am really tired of arguments,i pray the holy spirit would convince us of the truth when the time comes. Shalom
12th May 2013 4:48pm
Richard Lattier (US)
I believe that the reason it is called Babylon and not Egypt or Assyria or Rome, goes back to the story of the tower of Babel. The story of the "Tower of Babel" (in Genesis 11) tells how the earth was all one language, and how the people built a tower:

Genesis 11:4 And they said, "Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth."

Genesis 11:5 And YHWH came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men built. 6 And YHWH said, "Behold, the people are one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. 7 Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech." 8 So YHWH scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city. 9 Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because YHWH did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did YHWH scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.

The United States is made up of descendents from all these nations. They have come together and again have one language.

That is one of the reasons I believe that it is called Babylon.
13th May 2013 4:16am
Ginny Lindsay (Paris, US)
Revelation chap.17 is declaring Two "Babylon's". Here is what Scripture and History say about the First Babylon: The "Mother of Harlots". These Two Babylon's appear at two different times during earth's history. Both Babylon's are depicted "riding on the Dragon" (satan's System). In the following verses, in chapter 17, we are reading about "History". Please read:

In verse 3 we read that the dragon on which she is sitting has "seven heads and ten horns". Verses 5 - 11 is revealing the "First Babylon". She is called "the Mother of Harlots", she is guilty of drinking the blood of the saints during the Early Christian Church period. Verse 9 tells us the "seven heads" are "seven mountains" (hills) where she is sitting. These were speaking of the Seven Hills of Rome.

Verse 10 says "there are "Seven Kings". These Kings were the great Caesars of Rome. The angel tells John that "Five" have already fallen. These were 1.Caesar Augustus, 2.Caesar Tiberius, 3.Caesar Caligula, 4.Caesar Claudius I, 5. Caesar Nero.

Verse 10 the angel says "one is" (this is the 6th), this is Caesar Vespasian that was reigning while John is receiving this prophetic message on the isle of Patmos.

Verse 10 the angel says "the other (the 7th Caesar) is not yet come, and when he comes he will continue a short space (time). Caesar Titus reigned in Rome only from 79 A.D. - 81 A.D. Less than 2 years!

Verse 11 the angel says "the Beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth". The 8th Caesar in Rome was Caesar Domitian. He is known for his extreme reign of Terror and Tyranny, especially against the Christians. He demanded worship as a god, and anyone who did not was put to death. His reign was not only a Tyranny for Christians, but also for Rome itself. It was so bad, that after his death (his own wife had him strangled during his sleep), Rome itself, formally damned his reign as Casaer.
13th May 2013 12:43pm
Ginny Lindsay (Paris, US)
Revelation 17: 12 begins speaking about the "Second Babylon" and the "Second Beast" : the angel tells John "the Ten Horns which you saw are Ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet. These are the 10 king coalition that make up the "last kingdom on earth"; these are the "10 toes" of the statue of Daniel 2: 42-44. When Messiah comes again, these are the "10" that are smashed by the "rock" of our salvation!

Verse 12 They receive power for only "one hour" with the Last Day Beast.

Verse 13 These "10 kings" "give their power and strength to the Beast". They are of "one mind" in their efforts.

Verse 14 these 10 kings , along with the Beast "make war with the Lamb; and the Lamb Overcomes them!" The Remnant are "Called, Chosen (vessels), Faithful" to YHWH !

Verse 15 the angel says, "the waters which you saw...... are peoples, multitudes, nations and tongues (languages). It is denoting a multi-nation "Global System". The angel says this is where the "Whore sits". This is important, because today we have a "Global System" and it is called the "United Nations".

Verse 16 tells us that the "10 Kings" hate the whore (Babylon) and "burn her with fire".

Verse 17 It is YHWH that has put this into their hearts - a "Divine Punishment" for her great "Global Influence" of idolatry on earth.

Verse 18 tells us "where" the Whore sits the globe. "The Woman (Babylon) which you saw IS that "Great City" which reigns over the kings of the earth." The Greek words used in this text for "great" and "city" is what we use today "Megalopolis" - denotes a heavily populated area on the globe that includes many cities within it's boundaries.

Where is the "Largest" Megalopolis on the globe today? On the north eastern seaboard of the United States! Where the "United Nations" Headquarters is sitting!

There are more languages spoken in that area of the U.S., than anywhere else in the world. The United Nations is there, with Embassy's representing more than 200 nations.

If you live in the north eastern megalopolis area - you must heed the Command of YHWH ! "Come Out of Her MY People" (Rev. 18:4). That area is now under "Divine Judgement" and will be destroyed by the 10 Kings in the not so distant future.
14th May 2013 11:13am
Steve Mallard (US)
When it comes to prophecy, things are not always as they appear. Where it says "great city" in Revelation 17:18, it could actually be talking about an entire nation.
16th May 2013 3:54am
chukwudozie uche (Lagos, Nigeria)
May the peace of our master Christ Yahushua be multiplied unto you. Thanks for your comment,actually, i agree with you that the united states happen to have quite her share of trangression, but try to reason little along with me for according the scriptures, 'when you see the increase in lawlessness, do not be dismayed because that means their destruction speedily cometh'. However, I would rather compare America to Sodom & Gommorah,and we all know what her end was. Peace to you all.
12th May 2013 1:15pm
Shalom all who thirst for tsedeq (righteousness).In regards to chukwudozie uche, YirmeYahu 50:40-42 links Sodom and Gomorrah to the end time Babylon "the daughter of Babylon".
12th May 2013 1:52pm
chukwudozie uche (Lagos, Nigeria)
Conclusion,when he said 'come out of her my people lest you partake of her cup of wrath' it could only mean that you should come out of the world and keep yourselves set-apart in the fear of YAHUWAH, keeping yourselves from physical and spiritual uncleanness and maybe He will graciously pardon and welcome us. Blessed be the name of YAHUWAH NOW AND FOREVERMORE, Amen
11th May 2013 6:01am
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