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 This is the place for commenting on the command, "Come out of her my people".

Add anything that you feel will help others concerning this extremely important and pressing issue.

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Topic: Flee Babylon
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RamYah (Conowingo Maryland-&.', US)
Greetings Brother Kepha, Well spoken my brother, YaH Elohim provides for those who are His, those who keeps His commandments, those who obey His Right Rulings and those who have taken heed of the command to "Come out of Her my people" Babylon the Great, world empire of false religion, which is confusion, the abomination of the earth. And because of our loyalty, our Mighty One will go before us. He Himself is with us. He does not fail us nor forsake us. Do not fear or be discouraged as He leads ... Read More
21st January 2016 12:40am
Shalom Everyone, there seems to be much confusion concerning the question about “Who or What is Babylon?” Let me state categorically, that I believe that the entire world is influenced by Babylon the Great. On the spiritual level, I believe that most false religions are a part of Mystery Babylon. Why do I say most instead of all? It is because I believe that Islam is possibly the Beast (the beast hates the whore, the whore is Babylon). If the preceding is true, then what about the United ... Read More
21st December 2015 7:39am
Kepha Lim (Casa Grande, US)
Praise YaHVaH YermeYaH, your seeking has come to fruition and more truth will land on your table in due course.
The entire world is indeed Babylon, the Mother of harlots and she has many daughters, all doing the will of Satan in their respective arena in this world. Babylon means confusion and it is her purpose to confuse the entire world. Thank you for sharing.
13th January 2016 7:34pm
We all have expressed thoughts and often times beliefs that may or may not be biblically based. Prosperity, good things happen to those who work hard ... theres a multitude of these. My challenge again is, define as best you can, biblically, who Babylon is. We define babylon specifically as I try to do in hopes of understanding and identifying correctly, while some others have broadened the application to include nearly everyone on earth through religion, areas, behaviors. In Revelations ... Read More
19th January 2016 4:20pm
Kepha Lim (Casa Grande, US)
Shalom Bri, The only two ways to look at Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots are (1) All inclusive-broaden the scope or (2) Narrowing it down to identify an individual entity. To do the latter is to subtract His word. For ages all churchmen have tried to pinpoint who is Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and many have read and were deceived. We cannot try to identify this great city called Mystery Babylon, the Mother of Harlots looking at it on face values because it ... Read More
19th January 2016 10:33pm
Shalom Kepha Lim. Did you read the links to my post (above)? I do agree that the entire world and the religions of the world are Babylon. However, the definition of Babel or Babylon is "confusion (by mixing)."

Jeremiah chapters 50 & 51 are speaking of a specific nation.

Who, What, Where is Babylon the Great?

Who is the Whore of Revelation 17?
20th January 2016 9:45am
Kepha Lim (Casa Grande)
Shalom YermeYaH,
I do and I agreed with you. There are so much we could share our Abba is so bountiful that he use everyone of us not just one of us to reveal His present truth and we all learn and come to the unity of the faith of which our Mashiah is the Author and Finisher thereof. Hallelu YaH!
When we humble ourselves to Him, he has compassion on us and elightens us. Thanks for sharing.
20th January 2016 12:57pm
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