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 This is the place for commenting on the command, "Come out of her my people".

Add anything that you feel will help others concerning this extremely important and pressing issue.

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Topic: Flee Babylon
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Kepha Lim (Casa Grande)
Shalom YermeYaH,
I do and I agreed with you. There are so much we could share our Abba is so bountiful that he use everyone of us not just one of us to reveal His present truth and we all learn and come to the unity of the faith of which our Mashiah is the Author and Finisher thereof. Hallelu YaH!
When we humble ourselves to Him, he has compassion on us and elightens us. Thanks for sharing.
20th January 2016 12:57pm
Kepha Lim, you say that you agree with me, but it is obvious that you do not agree with me.
29th January 2016 2:25pm
Jack (US)
Hello Yerme Yah: Yes the end of days Babylon is a singular nation, the Hindermost superpower nation (youngest) The majority of Christians (or they did) believe this is a future nation that will rise up in Iraq, this would be laughable in my opinion if it were not so serious, here is just one key characteristic Iraq doesn't have, it is deep water ports. The next largest group believes it's the Catholic church, (or they did)but at least 100 characteristics given prove Babylon is a singular end of ... Read More
26th May 2016 2:28am
Ariela (Israel)
Yes, Babylon IS the United States of America...but who will believe our report? How can the most powerful nation, there ever was since beginning of time, be destroyed in a single day....and in a single hour?? If this hadn't been supernaturally revealed to me....I wouldn't have believed it myself! http://z3news.com/w/complete-destruction-america/
26th May 2016 8:53am
Jack (Bemidji, US)
Hi Kepha Lim: There are many characteristics given by several Old Testament prophets about a singular nation a Super Power that will exist in the "End of Days" Here are a few of those characteristics 1. Has a mother who is still around when the Daughter is destroyed the Hebrew word translated is sore confounded in England is just a shadow of it's former days when the Sun never set on the British Empire 2. The profit wrote the Daughter will rise up in a wilderness, marching through ... Read More
12th February 2017 11:06pm
Jack (US)
The "Daughter of Babylon" is clearly a Singular nation, a Super Power, made up of many races of people and has many Jews. America has more Jews than Israel and Russia combined. The Daughter of Babylon is called the Hammer of the whole earth, America is the worlds policeman, and the economic engine of the world. The "Daughter of Babylon" has many rivers, lakes and deep water ports, Mounts her defenses up to the heavens, America has NASA and the most advanced Air Force in the world. Is the home ... Read More
23rd June 2016 6:15pm
Jack (US)
Yerme Yah Have you read anything written by the late Doctor Richard Coombes? He set out to prove those of us wrong who believe America is "End Of Days" Babylon but after 16 years of research he became convinced America is indeed the "Daughter of Babylon. I believe the majority of Protestants believe that Babylon is yet future and will rise up in Iraq. Iraq simply doesn't have the parameters and the characteristics Doctor Franklin S Logsden wrote in the 1960's that America is that Mystery nation ... Read More
23rd June 2016 5:46pm
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