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Topic: Flee Babylon
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James W Maxey (Houston, US)
Christianity is a lie. For your information chrisianity comes from the Greek word 'Christos' meaning "anointed/anointed one,"and used in the pagan Greek and Roman religions to give reference to their sun god. Tell me where 'christianity' come from? The word 'christianity' is no where to be founded in the so-called bible. The word 'christian is mention three time in the so-called bible. Show me where the Messiah,Abraham,Ya'aqob,Kepha and Shaul said they was christian.Do you know how to pray? Read the sixth chapter of Matthew's.Read Deuteronomy 4:2 and Rev 22:17-21 and 2 Timothy 3:16-17. Man has put his blueprint on the so-called bible.
13th May 2017 12:25pm
Greg (US)
Yep. The followers of Yahushua the Messiah were first called Mesianans at Antioch... They never followed the J-thing the cretin. :) :(

They didn't eat pig or any other unclean thing either. :)

Antiochus Epiphanies made sure a pig was sacrificed in the temple during his time.... The as yet unrepentant Hebrews and Shebrews in Israelistine don't know that the same thing will happen again..... *SIGH....*

Rebellious kids... :(
13th May 2017 1:22pm
There has been a study on the main page of this website entitled, "Does Christianity agree with the bible?"
I've realized for some time that the word "bible" is not an accurate description of the Word of YHWH.
After praying about the situation, the study has been re-named, Does Christianity teach the Truth?
13th May 2017 9:37am
Progressive or liberal Christianity teaches the doctrines of demons. Conservative Christianity mostly teaches their understanding of their favorite Bible translation as they understand it. Their main problem is that most of them don't spend enough time learning the old testament, mistakingly thinking it's laws are abolished. They therefore cannot correctly understand the new testament which causes them to create doctrines unsupported by the rest of scripture. Their second biggest problem is they accept their bible translation as written causing them to hold fast to many inaccurate ideas. Are they sincere believers? YAHUAH only knows.
13th May 2017 12:02pm
I stopped referring to the Holy Scriptures as the old testament, which is exactly what Christians are taught to believe, it puts it into perspective quickly. The covenant which brings us Yahushua and gives us HOPE is not old nor nullified.
13th May 2017 4:52pm
Richard (Panama City, US)
Jeremiah 6:16
Thus says YAHUAH , "Stand by the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths, Where the good way is, and walk in it; And you will find rest for your souls. But they said, 'We will not walk in it.'
27th May 2017 11:15am
vernell patton jr (Oak Creek, US)
Tell me who authorize King James to write the Hebrew Scriptures.
19th June 2017 2:26pm
Richard (Panama City, US)
Just read your article. May I point out that 1Timothy 4:4 must be understood within the context of the preceeding verse. Verse 3 is admonishing those that were teaching others to abstain from foods YAHUAH created. YAHUAH never called unclean animals food nor did his prophets. Only clean creatures are considered food. Now Paul does not specify which clean creatures people were teaching should not be eaten but if I had to guess, I would say the clean insects. In verse 1 Paul says these teachers were teaching doctrines of demons. I don't think he was suggesting the Torah contained doctrines of demons. Context, context, context.
13th May 2017 12:31pm
Shabbat Shalom Richard,

Here is what it says in the study...

Paul says, concerning the idea of forbidding people from eating certain foods…

1Timothy 4:4 - For every creature of YHWH is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving: 5 For it is sanctified by the word of YHWH and prayer.

Paul says that every creature of YHWH is good and not to be refused, because it is set apart by the word of YHWH and prayer. How is it set apart by the word of YHWH? In Leviticus 11, the word of YHWH tells us what we can and cannot eat, and YHWH does not change!...

I believe that it is in context
13th May 2017 12:48pm
Amein Achi!


and obedience to His WORD brings us Spiritual blessings, like the ones we are receiving this very day... ENJOY and Pray earnestly for the best gifts!
3rd June 2017 9:16pm
James W Maxey (Houston, US)
Most people have the so-called bible for show. For your information they start calling "The Scripture" bible in 400 AD. The word bible is pagan. Bible comes from the Greek word "Biblos/Biblon" which refers to the Egyptian papyrus reed which the Greeks called "Byblos/Byblus. There are no archangels they are called'Messengers' The Greek word 'angelos' means messenger. Angel is of pagan origin. As you should know there are ten heavens read the book of Enoch. Read John 3:16 the only persons is Elohim. I must explain myself Elohim means the Father, The Son and The Set-a-part Spirit. Man is not perfect that is why we are not allow in heaven. Read Proverbs 6:16-19 the greatest sin man can commit is 'PRIDE'. Read the whole book of Proverbs.
12th May 2017 11:32pm
Greg (US)
Mr. Maxey,

Most are totally unaware that there is even a problem of any kind, let alone the pagan words in our English books that try to pass for Scriptures... They barely even know there IS a "Babylon"!

We should all grow in favor and knowledge, and never forget the importance of patience...

To you, too, I say, thanks for the gut check.

13th May 2017 10:07am
Paul Rollston (Plymouth, UK)
You can tell people by the fruits they bear (Matt. 7:17), which shows in their manner, their attitude, and their behaviour, and the very words coming from their mouths! Do they show Love and Concern and Compassion for everyone? do they have a mild kindly manner about them? If not, and instead they are haughty, proud, arrogant, and words of hate proceeds from their mouths, then they are none of the Father or of the Son.
(Matt. 15:18-19)... But those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and they defile a man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies.
12th May 2017 1:15pm
Greg (US)
Mr. Rollston,

I appreciate the gut check. :)

Scripture says we have all been deceived. The trouble is most folks don't see it, and must be shown such things.

I can definitely relate to Yahuchanon, Daniel and Yirmeyahu... I'm grateful and thankful for the honor of learning what I know and the chance to grow in favor and knowledge of Abba Yahuwah, the Ben, Yahushua, and the Ruach ha Quodesh... but the depth of the deceptions and abominations is sickening... It helps me, personally, to remember where I was headed before I learned all of this... It was not a good place... I was not a good man.. I'll never be a good man...

When Yahushua's feet touch the Mount of Olives when he returns... he and his Father will be One... and their name one...

He will return as Yahuwah Tsidekenu... Yahuwah OUR Righteousness...

As Yahushua said in Scripture, he did nothing by himself... he did everything through his Father Yahuwah's power... and his taught ones did the miracles they did through Yahushua's name.

I am personally reminded of Thomas in Acts... Mister "I won't believe it until I see it..." ...

He saw it, all right... LOL.... :)

I'm laughing as I type this, but I wonder exactly what he thought before it was recorded that he said "My Master and my Eloah..." [Though I personally suspect it should have read "My Master Yahushua and my Eloah Yahuwah" ... ]

I'm enjoying learning and studying, however I am all too aware of the book of Malachi, which explains that some folks will be made aware of and see past the deceptions championed by the priests, and look on them with disgust... which, for me, puts things FAR too mildly... Yahuwah please forgive me and help me through that...

All we can do is try to help them see through this mess and point out the truth with love in our hearts... because there was once a time we ourselves knew nothing of this....
12th May 2017 2:27pm
We are set apart by observing and doing (SHEMA) all that He instructed to us. In our individual and specific roles we play, there are unique and truly qualifying circumstances that have led us to "here" and now at this time. The Father is leading us to be a light unto those without light who are keen to admit such. The places and situations these folks that need to hear that message are in can be quite uncomely and abhorrent.
I thank the Father for your role - just like my hand that raises bread to my mouth - your words of knowledge and understanding are valuable and priceless to the ears they fall upon.

Thank You Father for your implementation of Your Ruach to us that we may be led gently, at our “slow-to-get-it” pace like mine, that we may be converted in the end.


One Body with Many Members
1Co 12:12 For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is the Messiah.
13th May 2017 2:45pm
Paul Rollston (Plymouth, UK)
We are indeed unique individuals, that's what makes us so interesting. We all have to work out our individual salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians. 2;12-18). We have all sinned, so no man has the right to point his finger and judge another. Believe me, there is light at the end of the tunnel, thankfully,even though it might appear to be a long way off!
Have faith and trust in Yahushua my friend, he knows our strengths and weaknesses.
Our journey as we work out our salvation, can be a rather lonely one at times, I know all too well. But be comforted in the knowledge, that he is there to guide and help us in our struggles, when we need it. And be assured, that He is the light at the end of the tunnel. I leave you with this most eloquent scripture. (1 Thess. 5:4-22).
With Brotherly love. Paul.
15th May 2017 11:01am
Greg (Toledo Ohio, US)
Yahmain... HalleluYAH! :)
15th May 2017 9:47pm
Paul Rollston (Plymouth, UK)
Shalom, Greg..
Yes, the world is a right royal deceptive mess, deceiving and being deceived. I shudder at the thought of what I once thought was truth, but I am glad that I saw through the many deceptions though. I'm usually the sort of person that doesn't leave any stone unturned, as they say, when hunting for the truth. In-fact I'll probably go back, and turn them all over again, just to make sure I haven't missed something!
I learnt something some time ago, that the devil is definitely in the detail! I found that sometimes that the most minutest of details, have revealed some quite surprising things. It's rather like trying to see the wood for the trees, as they say. A lot of deception is hidden in plain sight, you just have to learn how to recognise it for what it is. For example, symbolism. Symbols are everywhere, used in ancient times and right up to the present day. It's a form of language, but a lot of people don't know what they mean (Symbolism illiteracy i call it). If they did know what they mean, they would probably be quite shocked!
Hosea. 4:6. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,. righteous knowledge from our creators, of course. It's a gradual process that takes many years, and all of us have different rates of learning, both in capacity and understanding,
Sometimes, it makes me wonder, if one would be better off being blissfully ignorant, of the things of the world!? I thought about it for about 2 seconds flat, and Nahh! not me! too inquisitive! And that's the key, the want to know, and not being afraid to question either!
With Brotherly Love. Paul.
15th May 2017 4:16pm
Greg (Toledo Ohio, US)
Shalom Paul,

You're right. :) Scripture tells us to be diligent, on guard, awake and alert...

I understand what you're saying...

I wouldn't be content with being ignorant of the worldly things until all of the pagan symbols, statues etc, were destroyed and the customs were abolished.

Yahuwah is always telling us to question and prove him.

I'm just glad Yahuwah chose to wake me up!

I liked your "stone" metaphor... the more you lift and overturn them, the stronger you get. :)

The devil is most certainly in the details, which is why there's a straight and narrow path... I just hope I can find a way to reach as many as I can while there is time.
15th May 2017 10:08pm
Frank Crews
Greg, I certainly relate to your message.
15th May 2017 4:34pm
Paul Rollston (Plymouth, UK)
Shalom everyone..
Seems to me the love of many has most definitely grown cold, by the manner and attitude I witness these days. Everyone believing they have the knowledge and truth, and apparently nobody else does! What arrogance, what puffed-up pride Prov. 16:18.

It's not the amount of knowledge anyone purports to have, or how long one has been following the true path, it's the way you live your life. And if pride is there, what good does all that knowledge amount to!?
The world is full of deception of all kinds, and many are deceived and just don't know it! (2 Timothy. 3:13), Are you deceived???
And If your immediate response is "NO I'M NOT"!! and you haven't given so much as a passing thought, as to searching your heart first (Jeremiah. 17:9), and Praying on the matter; then you probably are deceived...
12th May 2017 1:11pm
vernell patton jr (Oak Creek, US)
Their names were Hananyah, Misha'el, Azaryah. we are the people of the book. read DEUT.28, IT NOT YOU.
12th May 2017 10:46am
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