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 This is the place for commenting on the command, "Come out of her my people".

Add anything that you feel will help others concerning this extremely important and pressing issue.

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Topic: Flee Babylon
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Leon Lilly (US)
The problem with transliteration is that it creates a word that has a somewhat similar pronunciation. The new word is then used as though it is an accurate translation/substitution for the original word. The appropriate question to ask is what were people called or known as in the time of their existence. None were known as “Jews”. A more correct name would be Israelite and the tribal name would be Hebrew. It is disingenuous to suggest simply based on the quantity of translated uses that ... Read More
1st December 2017 3:00am
Shalom Leon, The purpose of transliteration is to get the same pronunciation as it was in the original language (as close as possible). But of course, when someone reads a transliterated name from another language, the only way they can understand its meaning is to study it in its original language. An example of names being transliterated from Hebrew to English, can be found in the modern English translation, "The Scriptures" by the Institute for Scripture Research (ISR). For ... Read More
1st December 2017 8:57am
Comparing transliteration with translation, what is the difference?

For instance, take the name Yitzhak Rabin. Yitzhzak is a transliteration of the original Hebrew. The common translation of Yitzhak is Isaac.
1st December 2017 9:59am
Will Obediyah (New York, US)
Christians; Your churches have been hijacked by Jesuits, Freemasons, and Satanists! I have conducted a very intensive and in-depth study, nearly 35yrs. and I lovingly & humbly share this all important life-transforming truth with all of those who truly desire to know and guard the commands of ELohim (Almighty), and serve The FATHER/ABBA in Spirit/Ruah and his Qodesh Truth. >Hosea 4:6, "My people perish for lack of knowledge." >Prov.14:15- The simple believes every word, but the ... Read More
19th October 2017 10:08pm
Will (New York, US)
A warm greetings to all! If you are reading this then it is by divine appointment! To all of the beautiful children of AHIYAH ELOHIM! The sovereign creator and ruler of the universe. Who's name is highly esteemed and honored amongst the gentiles as well as the "True Hebrews" who dwell in our land. To those of you who are scattered amongst the Gentiles and are the Kodesh remnant of the Earth. To those who truly serve and honor the only Sovereign AhiYah. I humbly and lovingly seek ... Read More
1st December 2017 12:24pm
I thought it would have come on Trumpets 2017, (clues from scripture below) the sign in the heavens was there. Missing that I thought - the Last Great Day, because the 'great and terrible day of Yahuah' in Joel 2, Jeremiah 30, and others. I think keeping all the commandments is required to get understanding; see Dan 12; the wicked will not understand. Yermeyah is right about leaving early or late; I know ha-ha. Here are some clues from scripture that came to me this during Tabernacles; around ... Read More
15th October 2017 5:14pm
A few weeks ago I received an email from Jerry Golden in Israel. The following is a link to one of his newsletters. I've decided to share it without giving any commentary.

The Golden Report - The Hard Truth
19th September 2017 3:40pm
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