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Topic: Flee Babylon
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Kepha Lim (Casa Grande, US)
Praise YaHVaH YermeYaH, your seeking has come to fruition and more truth will land on your table in due course.
The entire world is indeed Babylon, the Mother of harlots and she has many daughters, all doing the will of Satan in their respective arena in this world. Babylon means confusion and it is her purpose to confuse the entire world. Thank you for sharing.
13th January 2016 7:34pm
We all have expressed thoughts and often times beliefs that may or may not be biblically based. Prosperity, good things happen to those who work hard ... theres a multitude of these. My challenge again is, define as best you can, biblically, who Babylon is. We define babylon specifically as I try to do in hopes of understanding and identifying correctly, while some others have broadened the application to include nearly everyone on earth through religion, areas, behaviors. In Revelations description of Mystery Babylon it is a city and is described, in its end, that will not ever have marriages, singing playing of music etc. Then it describes other nations that have drank her wine, aka adulteries, then in context that they use to trade with her. These descriptions lead us to a point where it clearly describes a city/country that trades with everyone else and when its gone, everyone left mourns for the loss of economic gain/activity.

We are currently the most prosperous nation of all time. Everything of economic importance is traded in dollars for a reason. That reason is that we control everything (oil, gas, Corn, Wheat, Soybeans, computers ... real estate, other currencies are marked against the dollars as comparison )

Thus, I encourage all of us to use great care in efforts on broadening or watering down the identity of the Mystery Babylon which seems to point somewhere pointedly, specifically.

In Revelation, its context uses a color description of the Mystery Babylon of linen, crimson and purple ... I believe that this a direct, direct, description to the US in that our flag is red white and blue. Wall st is the epicenter of all financial activity through out the world. The Neike, Chinese and british stock exchanges all hinge upon US wall st. Yes, most recently the Chinese markets volatility is effecting our markets but ours are not contingent upon their performance. They are separate.

I encourage all to go back to your bible and look carefully, read carefully, pray carefully for insight and revelation to his word. I caution everyone to be careful of generalizations or spreading/lessening the effect that this country will suffer. We are becoming more worldly by the day on a personal level.

To all my brothers and sisters in Christ ...

19th January 2016 4:20pm
Kepha Lim (Casa Grande, US)
Shalom Bri,
The only two ways to look at Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots are (1) All inclusive-broaden the scope or (2) Narrowing it down to identify an individual entity.
To do the latter is to subtract His word. For ages all churchmen have tried to pinpoint who is Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and many have read and were deceived. We cannot try to identify this great city called Mystery Babylon, the Mother of Harlots looking at it on face values because it is a Mystery and Satan worlds in Mystery. Satan took this world hostage, the entire world, not just America or Asia or Europe or Africa, or Rome. He used the whole world to deceive and he spare no efforts, waste no time and have no qualm how to hook his preys.
Mystery Babylon the Great is a city and you are right about this as Revelation repeatedly mentioned but it is also a Mother of Harlots--not a brothel house but a mixing of truth and lies--that's what Satan does.
He use Religion in this world to lie big time to deceive the whole world. Revelation 12:9. And being a mother she has many daughters, as mother church and daughter churches. And that does not end there. The UN is the Mother and all nations are daughters.... Similarly, there are businesses that control the world with its many subsidiaries. Such as Monsanto Corp, Rothschild, etc.
After introducing the beasts in Revelation 12, John went on in chapter 13 to say that "the whole world went after the Beast." And in Revelation 12:9, he said, "...Satan which deceiveth the whole world. So Not just America is deceived but the whole world, the whole religions, politic and commercial world. That is Mystery Babylon the Great, Can you see the big picture there?
The battle for the mind is not confined to America alone, it is world wide. Satan is the father of lies who took this world hostage 6000 years back and today he has enthroned himself as the God of this age (Olam), and rule by lies.
Sure, he wanted no one to know what he is doing and sure, he will blind the eyes of those who do not believe in the besorah of our Mashiach.
Rather than confining our view to a narrow entity and guess or take the prophecy on face value, we need to understand the biblical symbols and Babylon is a symbol for confusion. Confusion comes from lies and believing in lies. All religion lie, all politic lie and all business lie. YaHVaH hates lie for He will not and cannot lie.
19th January 2016 10:33pm
Shalom Kepha Lim. Did you read the links to my post (above)? I do agree that the entire world and the religions of the world are Babylon. However, the definition of Babel or Babylon is "confusion (by mixing)."

Jeremiah chapters 50 & 51 are speaking of a specific nation.

Who, What, Where is Babylon the Great?

Who is the Whore of Revelation 17?
20th January 2016 9:45am
Kepha Lim (Casa Grande)
Shalom YermeYaH,
I do and I agreed with you. There are so much we could share our Abba is so bountiful that he use everyone of us not just one of us to reveal His present truth and we all learn and come to the unity of the faith of which our Mashiah is the Author and Finisher thereof. Hallelu YaH!
When we humble ourselves to Him, he has compassion on us and elightens us. Thanks for sharing.
20th January 2016 12:57pm
Kepha Lim, you say that you agree with me, but it is obvious that you do not agree with me.
29th January 2016 2:25pm
Jack (US)
Hello Yerme Yah: Yes the end of days Babylon is a singular nation, the Hindermost superpower nation (youngest) The majority of Christians (or they did) believe this is a future nation that will rise up in Iraq, this would be laughable in my opinion if it were not so serious, here is just one key characteristic Iraq doesn't have, it is deep water ports. The next largest group believes it's the Catholic church, (or they did)but at least 100 characteristics given prove Babylon is a singular end of days nation, and America fits these characteristics like a tailor-made glove. The first writer I can find who wrote and spoke about America being Babylon was in the 1960s by Doctor Franklin S. Logsden a Christian pastor, but he was ostracized for his views:)
26th May 2016 2:28am
Ariela (Israel)
Yes, Babylon IS the United States of America...but who will believe our report? How can the most powerful nation, there ever was since beginning of time, be destroyed in a single day....and in a single hour?? If this hadn't been supernaturally revealed to me....I wouldn't have believed it myself! http://z3news.com/w/complete-destruction-america/
26th May 2016 8:53am
Jack (Bemidji, US)
Hi Kepha Lim: There are many characteristics given by several Old Testament prophets about a singular nation a Super Power that will exist in the "End of Days" Here are a few of those characteristics 1. Has a mother who is still around when the Daughter is destroyed the Hebrew word translated is sore confounded in England is just a shadow of it's former days when the Sun never set on the British Empire 2. The profit wrote the Daughter will rise up in a wilderness, marching through the land getting/taking it from others, if you know America's history then you know this fits.3.Has no king, Is a form of government where the people have a voice but has a place where all the kings of the Earth meet America is the only country, the U.N building in New York City.4.Is a beautiful country that sits by many water, has many lakes, rivers, rivers that divide the country deep water ports, America has two oceans, Gulf of Mexico, the great lakes, abundance of drinking water unlike many countries.5. Was both a people of Satan and a people of Yahweh from her youth but gets more Satanic in the latter days.
That's happened and will get worse.6 Yahweh calls the Daughter of Babylon the Hammer of the whole Earth, America is both Economically and Militarily. 7 Mounts it's defenses up to the heavens, no nation does this better than America with NASA and the most advanced Air Force in the world. It's so very clear to me that the "Daughter of Babylon" is America I cant understand why all professing Christians don't see it and besides the measly seven I listed that describes America and only America should be enough yet there are many more close to a hundred.
12th February 2017 11:06pm
Jack (US)
The "Daughter of Babylon" is clearly a Singular nation, a Super Power, made up of many races of people and has many Jews. America has more Jews than Israel and Russia combined. The Daughter of Babylon is called the Hammer of the whole earth, America is the worlds policeman, and the economic engine of the world. The "Daughter of Babylon" has many rivers, lakes and deep water ports, Mounts her defenses up to the heavens, America has NASA and the most advanced Air Force in the world. Is the home to the rich, America is the wealthiest nation on earth with the most millionaires and billionaires. The Daughter of Babylon is the Hindermost [Youngest] nation, America is the youngest Super Power. There are 100 or more parameters and characteristics when combined, and they fit America like a tailor made glove; believe me, I wished it weren't so! But the more I tried not to believe it, the more I wasn't satisfied when I would read articles from the learned ones from Seminaries who claim America isn't the Daughter of Babylon, yet they either don't know or say it will rise up in Iraq or it's the whole world, or it the Catholic church. Some of their theories would be laughable if this wasn't so serious. Peace and Blessings to You.
23rd June 2016 6:15pm
Jack (US)
Yerme Yah Have you read anything written by the late Doctor Richard Coombes? He set out to prove those of us wrong who believe America is "End Of Days" Babylon but after 16 years of research he became convinced America is indeed the "Daughter of Babylon. I believe the majority of Protestants believe that Babylon is yet future and will rise up in Iraq. Iraq simply doesn't have the parameters and the characteristics Doctor Franklin S Logsden wrote in the 1960's that America is that Mystery nation but was ostracized by the powers in Christianity. Some might think Yahweh has an American flag flying but the truth is our nation was founded mainly by Freemasons who did Not believe the Scriptures, if anyone thinks they did, then tell me why Washington DC is filled with pagan idols, even the Statue Of Liberty is Libertus better known in Babylonia as the goddess Ishtar, The Queen of Heaven" "The Mother of Harlots" and many other names depending on the country and the time.
23rd June 2016 5:46pm
Concerning Babylon: Prophecy is being fulfilled today...

Jeremiah 51:14 YaHuWaH of hosts has sworn by Himself: "Surely I will fill you with men, as with locusts, and they shall lift up a shout against you."
10th December 2015 10:13am
Jack (US)
Yerme Yah Those Locusts or Fanners I believe are the immigrants from third world nations. In one translation they are likened to Caterpillars although Locusts are I think just as bad or worse.
23rd June 2016 5:32pm
Buddy Arthur (Interlachen, US)
In reading a lot of the comments on this page, I find that a lot of the people making the comments do not understand that Rev chap 17 talks about a spiritual Babylon the Great, where chap 18 is talking about a natual place. I believe that 17 speaks of Rome and all her daughters. and I believe that 18 is the USA, containing the Tribes of Israel with Ephrim. Yah Bless you all.
7th December 2015 1:42pm
Jack (Bemidji, US)
You might be correct about Revelation 17 and 18 being two different entities, in Paul's days those he taught knew who the restrainer was, the only thing that makes sense to me is it was the Roman government, it was not long after the fall of Rome until the popes made a mockery of the Apostolic teachings and continue to this day, to list the blasphemous characteristics of the papal system would require a book, the popes and I suppose their followers too believe the popes replace Yahweh on the earth, as in Ant-Christ, this would make it a succession of Anti-Christ leaders, of course the Scriptures never use Anti-Christ as one of several names, I find it interesting that one of those names, I believe the 'Man of Sin" can be translated as Man of Chaos, it seems chaos is being created purposely by using immigration, the Satanic worshiping elites believe they must create chaos before the masses will accept their so-called New World Order, it seems they don't know about the Chaos that is coming, but that]s another story and a long one. To understand America's coming destruction we don't need the book Revelation, there is enough characteristics given by several O. T prophets that fit America and only America.
17th February 2017 2:26pm
YaHUaH Reigns (Napa California, US)
The scripture talks about about a second exodus. Who is going to gather us? If we are supposed to flee physically, then wouldn't we have some where to flee physically to? Also I have put a lot of thought into this topic. I dont have any money. Dont you think the Almighty would send us messengers to give us instructions? He sent messengers for Lot and he sent Moses for Israel in Egypt. He sent Jonah to Nenivah to witness. Where are YaHUaH's messengers? I believe YaHUaH will gather his people out of Babylon before his judgement in his timing. I understand that scripture tells us to flee. But can anyone agree 100 percent that they have full understanding of scripture? Can we identify that USA is mysyery babylon with 100 percent certainly? Where is the second witness to this? Im a sceptic and I believe YaHUaH will give us the exit and witnesses before the second exodus and a gathering of the assembly.
6th December 2015 12:45pm
Kepha Lim (Casa Grande, US)
This idea of fleeing is a great deception. Especially a deception when you believe America is Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots.
Where would you flee to. Which nation would you migrate to.
There will be earthquake, tsunami, storms, floods, pestilences and famine all over the earth and you dont know where and when?
And if YaHVaH require us to flee in order to be saved, what kind of salvation is that? The rich can move anywhere they want and the poor with no means or money will have to stay back and die.
There is no scripture telling His people that they must flee but "Come out of her My people that ye be not partakers of her sins and that ye receive not of her plagues. Revelation 18:4.
YaHVaH Elohim, has people who He will save in all and every religion and He is calling them now to come out of repent and turn to Him to save them>
People who think they could save themselves will die. I got a friend who told me I got an underground bunker and if you like you could come and live with us when the time comes.
My friends, Elias, fled from Jezebel and he was exhausted when he reached the desert and he could have died as he laid down if not for the mercy and faithfulness of YaHVaH Who sent a Malak to make him a cake and a jar of water twice. But how many of us are like Elias?
Even at end time, we are taught by Mashiach to be vigilant and not to go out.
Lo! I have foretold you.
If therefore that should say unto you, Lo! in the desert He is, DO NOT GO FORTH, Lo! in the chambers, do not believe.
For just as the lightning goeth forth from the east, and shineth unto the west, so shall the presence of the Son of Man.
Wheresoever the corpse shall be, there shall be gathered the vultures.
Matthew 24:25-28.
So believe what you want, we would be baruch the search His word and be filled with His Ruach. Whoso have ears to hear let Him hear what the Rauch said unto the assembly. Revelation 2:7,11,17,29 and 3:6,13 and 22
6th December 2015 8:19pm
Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...

Who is the Whore of Revelation 17?
7th December 2015 7:17am
The Whore of Revelations 17 and 18 is the United States of America. I was shown this mystery in a profound and prophetic supernatural vision. This experience had nothing to do with my own preconceived beliefs or since I was just a young girl at the time.
Do I wish it were not so? Yes, I would never desire that such severe and horrific judgements fall on any nation, least of all my own! Now is the time to heed His command to "Flee from her, My people!" This is a direct order given to those that worship and serve the One True G-d of Israel, who are His people, whether Jew or Gentile. They know who they are.

May G-d help us all to escape these horrific judgements and to one day be considered worthy to stand before Him before His Throne of Grace.
7th December 2015 1:39pm
Ariel, Ive asked Jewish people I know periodically if they know how many have moved back to Isreal, and why .. they shrug ... I believe that God has given his people a desire to be back in Israel. Its a heartfelt need for the Jews to be where they belong. Not that they aren't welcome here, don't misunderstand me, I have a Jewish couple as neighbors and for all essential purposes, I love them so ... get me? Israel has become a nation, that nation has the fire power to defend itself adjacent aggressors, its economy is flourishing and growing in huge bounds, it bears produce that it hasn't grown in thousands of years. During Persian occupation Israel was a wasteland ... Something has changed, something in its fabric, something that doesn't make sense outside of Gods intervention, blessing.
Things have changed and Jews are going home to be.. ready. I believe that on some level, God is drawing them out because things are about to or are, changing in the US. I think that this will not be a place where He wants his people.
19th January 2016 4:31pm
BRi, Thanks so much for your wise and perceptive comment! I wholeheartedly agree with everything you say. Many year ago, I had a profound and prophetic Near Death Experience in which God, Himself revealed His future redemptive plan for His people. I was shown how He would greatly bless, prosper and restore Israel to the land of her forefathers with great love, mercy and compassion. Just as He meant for Israel to suffer greatly when they were scattered to the four corners of the world, now He would also work to comfort, restore and bind the hurt of His people, Israel! All the prophets of old saw the exact same destiny for Israel at some unknown time in the future...and that time is Now!! I also saw a very dark day ahead for America...unless she turns back to Him in full repentance! God help us all!! Bless you, dear brother.
19th January 2016 7:28pm
Jack (Bemidji, US)
The Old Testament prophets gave many characteristics on identifying the end times Babylon, these characteristics fit America and only America like a tailor made suit. I read about the awesome vision you had, I think the Scripture says something like this: your sons and your daughters will prophesy. This was for our time
12th February 2017 11:27pm
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